Oh Hey Everyone!

Thanks so much for popping by allow me to introduce my team.. we are the crazy Ladies behind Kiss Chasey Designs.

For those who don't know me my name is Kari, wife to Drew and mother to a little cheeky boy named Chase. I am a Photographer and Entrepreneur, beautician, chef and all round insane person that takes on way to much! 

Kiss Chasey is my second baby and as I nurture her she starts to grow into the beautiful luxe clothing line i always knew she could be!

Most days you can find me chillin' at home with Chase watching Toy Story, Frozen, Tangled or Cars for the one millionth time while drinking coffee and hustling hard to create a successful small business.

Along side me is my very talent mama Pat! She like me is forever doing something amazingly creative.

Starting this business and watching it grow from nothing together has been one of the best and biggest life changing moments we could have ever had together apart from when she gave birth to me of course!

Patty is the one that sits up until 3am sewing your little's beautiful clothing and spending her days drafting patterns as I throw new designs at her on the weekly.

With us we have a very small team of like minded Nana's that helps us to create heirloom knits & a beautiful embroidery specialist that puts the final touches of your special outfits.

We are mostly known for handmade well put together clothing for your small humans that consists of linen, cottons, wooden buttons, natural hand dyed items & merino knits.

People often refer to us as a a kids clothing line that cares. cares about its customers, its quality of product and cares about the world in which we live.

We love serving the world by creating kids fashion that makes people look twice as they walk past your little's on the street. and keeping everything as sustainable as possible

The things we are most passionate about are creating well made quality items that's stand the test of time and can be handed down from generation to generation to create moments that you treasure for the rest of your lives. Creating fashion that people talk about & creating content that you love.

When I am not behind a computer or sewing on buttons you can find me hiking a trail with my family and friends or hosting a BBQ with a cider in hand.

We hope to see you around here more and more so please reach out and say hello we love to connect with our customers!

Kari xx